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Worth Primary School

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The Art curriculum at Worth Primary School is designed to encourage creativity and personal expression, to develop a range of artistic skills and to expose children to a variety of cultures.

Art is a creative tool used to communicate and express ideas and responses to what we experience in the world around us.  As children develop their personal styles, they will have the opportunity to explore colour, form, pattern and texture through a variety of techniques and processes. 

Our art curriculum is designed to give the children the skill sets and artistic experiences needed to fuel their imagination and allow them to flourish as artists.

Art 2 Year overview

Art Progression


In September 2023 we will be moving to a new Art and Design curriculum.

Access Art.

We felt that we needed to further expand our children's knowledge and skills, alongside deepening their understanding of different artists, wider cultural understanding and develop a more progressive approach to enable 'lifelong learning'.

You can find more information about Access Art in this link : https://www.accessart.org.uk/mixed-year-primary-art-curriculum/

Access Art