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Worth Primary School

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Our Curriculum

Our school values underpin our curriculum intent for all our children to achieve by developing knowledge and skills for ‘lifelong learning’ through: 

Team Work

Curriculum Intent

At Worth Primary School we teach a curriculum to create independent, higher order thinkers with high aspirations, through a curriculum that focuses on the local environment and widens our children’s global understanding.

While fulfilling the requirements of the National Curriculum, our carefully structured curriculum creates high quality learning experiences for our pupils whilst promoting flexibility and child led learning across all Key Stages.

 Our curriculum is designed for our small school with mixed year groups. We are aware of our limitations as a small school with a small site, therefore it is essential that our curriculum is designed to go beyond our school utilising our local environment and incorporating life experiences that will support our children as they move through our school onto KS3 and beyond.  

We believe that we are not only here to develop the subject specific knowledge for the children set out by the National Curriculum, but also to help the children flourish and have the opportunity to have new and exciting experiences. This way, all children can reach their potential academically whilst supporting and nurturing each child’s wellbeing, preparing them for their next steps in education and life.

Through our creatively designed curriculum children are given the opportunity to become immersed in new and exciting experiences in a fully inclusive approach. Subject leads support teachers and support staff in understanding the subject overviews and schemes of work designed or chosen in what we want our children to learn, developing knowledge which brings enjoyment in learning.

Children are given the freedom throughout the curriculum to become independent and self-motivated learners.  Children are encouraged to challenge their own thinking and develop their own strategies to solve problems thus enhancing their experiences. We place a great deal of emphasis on promoting wellbeing ensuring the children have the opportunity to understand themselves and their never-ending capabilities.    

The attitude and behaviours for learning are incredibly important to us. We help the children develop a positive attitude to their learning and behaviour. We teach them how to use these as they move through the school so that they can take them into the future.

We believe that as well as working independently, in order to succeed in today’s world, children need to embrace the need to work collaboratively.

Through working across year groups, Key stages, whole school and within the community children are able to develop and use the skills needed to work with others and both support others while extending their own learning.


As a small school our staff are able to work closely in ensuring the implementation of our curriculum is progressive, developing knowledge and skills and is reflective of our local area. Building upon prior learning, working with subject leads and leads within our academy, DEALT.

The implementation of our curriculum is reviewed on a regular basis. We are not afraid to change what we have planned to meet our children’s needs. No child learns in a straight line and our job is to understand each child and adapt to ensure our curriculum meets their needs so good, if not better, progress is made.

Curriculum implementation can be seen through:

  • Curriculum Yearly overviews – Cycle A and B (Topic based)
  • Curriculum maps – termly
  • Medium term plans
  • Weekly Planning
  • Subject Lead Action Plan
  • Subject Lead Schemes of Work
  • Subject Lead Progression of knowledge and skills document
  • Subject Lead 3 I's
  • Learning environments
  • Books
  • Pupil voice
  • Staff voice


We know our curriculum has been successful when:

  • Our children are making good or better progress and when our children have met age related expectations.
  • Our children are able to talk confidently about their learning, recalling knowledge.
  • Our children can develop on the skills they have learnt, last week, month, year…
  • Our children want to come to school, they are happy and enjoy learning.
  • Our children understand what we are learning, why we are learning it and how it can help in the future.
  • Our children talk about their future aspirations and are proud of what they have achieved.
  • Our staff are excited about what they are teaching, imparting knowledge and skills that will stay with our children forever.
  • Our staff feel confident about what they are teaching, supporting each other and pulling on the resources around them.
  • Our parents know how our curriculum supports their child and what they can do to further support their child’s learning.
  • Our children are ready for the next step in their education and life.

Curriculum impact can be seen through:

  • Pupil voice
  • Staff voice
  • Sonar – assessment outcomes
  • Pupil Progress Meetings
  • Books
  • Termly curriculum reviews
  • Learning environments
  • Monitoring of teaching and learning
  • Deep dives

Please find below our long term curriculum maps, please note there may be changes within the year as we amend the curriculum to reflect the needs of the children:


Year 1 and 2

Year 3 and 4

Year 5 and 6