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Worth Primary School

Proud member of Dealt

Ethos, Vision & Values

Our Ethos:

Within a culture of kindness, tolerance and respect for others to stimulate in all children a love of learning that will last throughout their lifetimes.

Our Values:

The W in TeamWork

We encourage teamwork whilst not abandoning recognition of individual achievement. We believe that creativity and learning can be enhanced by co-operation and by celebrating and sharing in success.

The O in COnfidence

We seek to inspire in all our pupils the confidence to face up to whatever challenges may arise.

The R in Respect

All members of our school community treat others with respect by being kind, helpful and caring and by recognising, accepting and valuing our differences.

The T in HonesTy

Our pupils are encouraged to be honest at all times with others and also with themselves.

The H in EmpatHy

Every day we demonstrate in our relationships the importance of understanding the feelings of others by putting ourselves in their shoes and seeing the world as they see it.

Together they spell W O R T H

These support the British values of democracy, tolerance of and respect for others, the rule of law, sense of community and individual liberty.

Our Vision:

At Worth Primary School our governing board, our senior leadership team and our teaching and non-teaching staff aim at all times to:

  • Be uncompromising in establishing and maintaining an inspiring and supportive environment where all our pupils and staff enjoy attending every day;
  • Be uncompromising in our efforts to ensure all our pupils have the strongest possible foundation for their lifetime of learning through an exciting and engaging curriculum and great teaching;
  • Provide a safe, but challenging and lively, environment for all our pupils and staff;
  • Ensure all our pupils know they have a voice which is listened to and valued whilst understanding they are part of wider communities;
  • Establish an environment where our pupils develop self-esteem and resilience to enable them to move on to the next stage of their lives with confidence, motivated to become the best they can be and taking with them through their lives the values they learned at Worth Primary School.