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Worth Primary School

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All schools are required to have policies that are clear and unambiguous.

Some of our school’s policies are written by DEALT and others by our Headteacher and staff. They are regularly reviewed by the governing body – either annually or bi-annually – and are approved by them.

Our school’s policies provide information about the principles by which the school is governed and managed. They are designed to ensure that all those who have a stake in the school, from staff to governors, parents to support workers, are able to work from a clear set of guidelines. Their aims are to keep our children safe, ensure they receive the best education, establish expectations for all stakeholders and to enforce legislation, rules and regulations.

Policies relating to Leadership and Management

Admissions Policy 2022-2023

Admissions 2023 2024

Charging Policy 2022-23

Ethos, vision and values

Equality Information

Freedom of Information Policy

Whistleblowing Policy

Policies relating to Teaching and Learning

Collective Worship Policy Homework PolicySport Premium Funding 2022Remote Learning Policy 

Relationships, Sex Education Policy 2023-2024

Special Educational Needs Policy Supervision Policy 2021-2023

Curriculum statement

Home School Agreement

Educational Visits

Policies relating to Data Protection

Freedom of Information Policy Data Protection Policy Pupil & Parent Privacy Notice School Workforce Privacy Notice

Policies relating to Behaviour and Safety

Acceptable Use of Technology PolicyAccessibility PlanAnti-Bullying Policy Attendance PolicyBehaviour & Relations Policy 2023 - 2024Statement of Behaviour Principles Child Protection Policy 2023 2024Complaints Policy

DEALT Exclusion Policy

Health & Safety Policy 2022Looked After Children PolicyMedical Needs Policy

Children with Health Needs, Educated at Home

First Aid Policy

Intimate Care Policy

Online Safety Policy

Parental Conduct Policy 2021-23

Uniform Policy

Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery Policy

Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery Statement 2022.docx

Volunteers in School Policy

Administering Medicines Policy

Searching and Screening policy