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Worth Primary School

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Our approach to teaching PSHE and RSE at Worth Primary School is to help every child become a well-rounded global citizen who understands how different people around the world live their lives.

We promote our school values (team work, confidence, honesty, respect and empathy) as well as embed crucial life skills throughout all lessons, meaning by the time children leave Worth they have the skills, knowledge and understanding they need to lead confident, healthy and independent lives, as well as being informed, empathetic, active and responsible citizens who are prepared for the future.

Our whole school focus is on good health and well-being to ensure that all pupils understand how to keep themselves and others healthy and take an active role in their mental and physical health.

Worth Primary School followed a consultation period with all stakeholders before the implementation of our scheme. 

In September 2023 we have moved to a new scheme.

Kapow RSE and PSHE.

A bespoke RSE & PSHE lessons tailored to the needs of a mixed-age setting. The lessons will follow a 'Cycle A and Cycle B' format to ensure progression of skills across the age range. The new scheme will ensure a greater depth and embed 'lifelong learning' for our pupils.

More information about the scheme can be found here:


RSE Overview

Parent Consultation LetterRSE and PSHE Policy