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Worth Primary School

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How we help support the Social and Emotional wellbeing of children at Worth Primary School.

 At Worth school we are constantly monitoring not only academic achievement but the social and emotional well-being of all our children. The wellbeing of our pupils and staff is of high priority to ensure a happy and healthy learning environment.

We believe that developing a child’s self-awareness and social skills provides the basis for successful learning both academically and for maintaining relationships.

At Worth we have a Wellbeing Team:

  • Miss Pallett - Senior Mental Health Lead
  • Mrs Handcombe - Nurture Support TA and ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant)
  • Mrs Chance - Mental Health First Aider
  • Mrs Cullen - SENDCo
  • Pupil support through our Minister of Wellbeing
  • Our Governors also have a critical role to play in the wellbeing of our pupils and staff.

 How are children identified?

At Worth if a child is struggling in one of these areas the class teacher will refer these children to our SENCO, who works alongside the parents and our wellbeing team, to ensure they get the correct support.

How do we support the children? 

Daily emotional check ins are used throughout the school to encourage children to discuss and understand their feelings. They are also used in every classroom as a tool for the children to let their teacher know how they are feeling.  

We teach our children about their wellbeing through our RSE and PSHE lessons, we also ensure this is reflected in other lessons such as PE. It is also a part of assemblies and celebrations of Children's Mental Health Week and other awareness days.       

Staff wellbeing and training for staff plays an integral part of the schools culture of safeguarding and mental health.

Wellbeing Staff Training Day January 2023