We have identified that there is a strong need to focus on the wellbeing of our children. As a team, we will endeavour to provide excellent wellbeing and mental health support for all pupils within a whole school approach. This will ensure that all children at Worth Primary School feel listened to, valued and cared for leading them to make the progress they deserve.

Visions and Aims for Wellbeing for 2020-2021

Our strategy looks at the areas of wellbeing and mental health that we believe can make the most difference to our staff, pupils and parents in the school community.

  • We will strive to create a whole school approach where everyone contributes to an environment that provides excellent mental health support, understanding and intervention.
  • Our school will have a clear procedure for dealing with any mental health or wellbeing concerns.
  • We will be creating and delivering bespoke staff training on wellbeing and mental
  • We will develop a curriculum and ethos that will help children to understand their emotions and feelings effectively.

ELSA Lead practitioner – Lynsey Hanscombe

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