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Worth Primary School

Proud member of Dealt

The Governors and What They Do

Our Governors (ID 1191)

  • Mick Brazier
  • Linda Lang
  • Danny Lang
  • Cllr Daniel Friend
  • Katy Chance
  • Jasmine Banham
  • Hilary Webb
  • Amanda Lynch
  • Daniel Halverson


We play an important role as part of the leadership of the school through four main areas:

  • We work alongside the Senior Leadership team to set the strategic direction of the school in order to continue to raise standards for all children.
  • We ensure accountability to parents, staff and others for the school’s overall performance and for decisions taken by the Governing Body.
  • We monitor and evaluate school performance in relation to agreed priorities and targets (including financial), and support school improvement through setting, monitoring and reviewing these targeted areas.
  • We act to support the staff and headteacher through our role as ‘critical friend’ by asking challenging questions to continue improving standards.
  • Our work is supported by our clerk, Hazel Groves. Should you ever wish to contact her please email him on hazel.groves@theeducationpeople.org

These documents show the work governors do, what they aspire to and the rules under which they work.

Governor Membership 2022-23

Roles and Responsibilities-2023

Governor Induction Pack


Attendance record

Declarations of Business Interests 2022-23

4 year strategic plan

Constitution of Worth LGB

Instrument of Government 2021-22Governing Body Constitution 2021-22DEALT Code of Conduct for Governors 2022-23Ethos, Values and VisionFour Year Strategic Plan 2019-2023Governing Body Improvement Plan 2021-22Governing Body Self Appraisal 2020-21Governor Visits to School Policy & Procedures 2022-23Governors' Allowances Policy 2022-3

Would you like to be a Governor?

How can you get involved?

We are looking for another governor to join us…
We are looking for someone from a non-education background, who is computer literate, has time to spare, is curious to learn more about education and has a desire to help all children fulfil their potential.

What’s actually involved?

We have meetings six times a year which last a couple of hours but do require time to read documents in preparation.
You would be paired with another governor to review particular aspects of the School’s Improvement Plan.

But I won’t know what to do?

We offer a mentoring and training programme to support you in your first year. One of our experienced Governors will act as your mentor and give you full support and training as you need it. You will also be offered local training courses as well as having access to online training.

What skills do I need?

You don’t need special skills – just to be committed, have a good sense of humour, work well in a team and be motivated to support and drive school improvement for all children.

Being a Governor is very rewarding, so go on… get involved!
Contact the school and they will put you in touch with our Chair of Governors. He will be happy to give you further details.

How do I get in touch with a Governor? 

Our Chair of Governors, Mick Brazier, can be contacted via email on:


Letters or correspondence can also be left in the school office.