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  • Children's Safety

    At Worth Primary School we work with our children to ensure they are safe when using new technologies. It is important that we have your cooperation at home. Please use the links below which provide a wealth of information to assist in keeping your children safe online. 


    Online Safety                                   Guide to the Use of Images Online                          Safeguarding





    TYK           UKSIC           IMORG          NSPCC

  • Home School Agreement

    View/Download Our Home School Agreement

    Parents as Partners

    Parents are children’s first and most important educators. When parents and school staff
    work together the results have a positive impact on the child’s development and learning. We
    seek to develop an effective partnership with parents through developing a two way flow of
    information, knowledge and expertise which is based upon respect for one another.
    The home/school agreement sets out our commitment to each other in order to achieve a
    successful partnership. By signing up to the home school agreement parents sign up to the
    values of Worth Primary School.

    Parents will:

    • Ensure their child attends well, arrives on time and is collected on time.
    • Encourage a positive attitude toward school and learning in their child.
    • Support school in the expectation of good behaviour and promote the school behaviour
    rules and policy.
    • Show respect to the professionals in school accepting that they have a deep
    understanding of education and child development and model that respect for them as
    professionals to the children.
    • Ensure that children wear school uniform, school shoes and have PE kit.
    • Support children in home learning set by the teacher.
    • Behave respectfully toward local residents in the community.

    Professionals in school will:

    • Treat parents with respect and provide them with opportunities to communicate.
    • Empathise with any difficulties the child or parent is having and be supportive.
    • Open the gate on time at the beginning and end of the school day.
    • Provide a quality education
    • Have high expectations of all pupils
    • Provide a secure, stimulating environment
    • Develop a positive attitude to learning
    • Provide opportunities to enable all children to succeed
    • Establish a school that is at the heart of the local community

    The child will:

    • Take good care of the school and equipment.
    • Show care and consideration for others.
    • Follow the school rules for behaviour.
    • Try their best in all activities.
    • Talk to a school adult if there is anything that is preventing them from doing their best
    or being happy at school.

  • Ofsted

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  • Parents Voice

    Working with you.. the parents

    At Worth School we are committed to involving and broadening parents communication and involvement with the school, and to promote our school’s values.

    How do I get involved?
    There are a number of ways – you can join us as a Governor, by working as a valuable member of our PTA, through running school clubs and being involved in our school projects.
    The PTA does invaluable work for our school and we hope that all parents enjoy supporting the events organised by them such as the Christmas fair, school sponsored events and buying our school jute bag. They play an important role in fund raising to buy resources for the school and providing financial support for school trips. Additionally the PTA are parents just like you and so provide a fantastic way of contributing the voice of parents within the school.
    We are always looking for parents to run after-school clubs to widen the experiences of our children such as through cookery, sports clubs, gardening etc.
    We engage in projects which we encourage community input – such as the design of our new playgrounds and supporting and shaping our whole school ethos and behaviour policy.

    How do I get in touch with Governors?
    You can speak to any of our governors when you see them and they will bring your comments to the full Governing Body meetings or you can leave a note for our Chair of Governors in the school office.

  • PTA Funding

    We are lucky enough to have been chosen as a community cause by the Sandwich CO-OP and all money raised will go towards transport costs for our children, to get them out and about more. 
    Please take a minute to nominate Worth Primary as your local cause if you have a CO-OP membership card.
     PTA CO OP
  • Term Dates

    School Term and Holiday Dates 2019-2020

    Term 5
    Thursday 16th April 2020- beginning of Term 5
    Friday 22nd May 2020- end of Term 5
    Term 6
    Monday 1st June 2020- INSET DAY 4
    Tuesday 2nd June 2020- beginning of Term 6
    Tuesday 21st July 2020- end of Term 6 @ 2.15pm
    Wednesday 22nd July 2020- INSET DAY 5

    School Term and Holiday Dates 2020-2021

    Term 1
    Tuesday 1st September 2020- INSET DAY 1
    Wednesday 2nd September 2020- beginning of Term 1 (not Reception children)
    Thursday 3rd Septemebr 2020 - new Reception children start
    Friday 23rd October 2020- end of Term 1
    Term 2
    Monday 2nd November 2020- INSET DAY 2
    Tuesday 3rd November 2020- beginning of Term 2
    Friday 18th December 2020- end of Term 2 @ 2.15pm
    Term 3
    Monday 4th January 2021- beginning of Term 3
    Friday 12th February 2021- end of Term 3
    Term 4
    Monday 22nd February 2021- beginning of Term 4
    Wednesday 31st March 2021- end of term 4 @ 2.15pm
    Thursday 1st April 2021- INSET DAY 3
    Term 5
    Monday 19th April 2021- beginning of Term 5
    Friday 28th May 2021- end of Term 5
    Term 6
    Monday 7th June 2021- INSET DAY 4
    Tuesday 8th June 2021- beginning of Term 6
    Tuesday 20th July 2021- end of Term 6 @ 2.15pm
    Wednesday 21st July 2021- INSET DAY 5